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A workshop with Aly McNicoll


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A workshop with Aly McNicoll

Tools for mentoring or supervision groups

Peer group mentoring is a small group based mentoring process that doesn’t require an expert in the mix – all participants are part of the success. Groups of between 4 – 6 people meet regularly to mentor each other in order to develop their professional competence or achieve their potential.

In this practical workshop, participants are introduced to the concept of peer group mentoring and the peer mentoring toolkit – 7 tools for mentoring  groups. In one training day, participants are shown how to avoid the common pitfalls and learn all they need to run a successful group for themselves.

This skills based training workshop:

  • defines Peer Mentoring
  • highlights what can go wrong in a peer mentoring group and how to avoid this
  • introduces the Peer Mentoring Toolkit – 7 tools for mentoring groups
  • provides opportunities for participants to experience the Power of Peer Mentoring through small group practice and coaching.

This Power of Peer Mentoring workshop is part of a pair of related workshops by Aly McNicoll.  The workshops are best attended as a pair, but can be attended individually. Click here for information about the partner workshop:  Managers as Coaches.

Who should Participate:

Peer group mentoring is ideal for managers, team leaders, health and social service practitioners or anyone who wants to make sure they take regular time out to reflect on their work and do their best thinking in order to achieve their goals.

Participants receive a copy of The Power of Peer Mentoring Toolkit booklet as part of their course experience.

Come along with those you would like to have in your peer mentoring group or take the option of hooking up with other course participants on the day.

Presented by Aly McNicoll

Aly McNicollAly McNicoll is a Director of the NZ Coaching & Mentoring Centre and has been involved with coaching, mentoring and leadership in New Zealand  and Australia for the last 12 years. She has refined techniques for both introducing coaching as a skill set and promoting learning as a way of being in teams and organisations.

Aly is a regular presenter at international conferences (American Society for Training & Development Conference, European Mentoring & Coaching Council Conference) where her specialist skills in peer learning techniques have led to her spending increasing proportions of her time working with clients in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Prior to her corporate training role, Aly has led leadership and management programmes at Unitec Institute of Technology where she is a senior lecturer on the Graduate Diploma in Not for Profit Management.

Aly is a regular presenter at Grow’s events and frequently scores over 9/10 in feedback from delegates.  Participants at her most recent course in Coaching described her as awesome, inspiring, practical and an easy, calm communicator.

Price & Registration

One full day workshop: $375 +GST.
If you are also booking Aly McNicoll’s “Managers as Coaches” workshop in this series, the workshops are reduced to $350 +GST each.

This includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, all workshop materials,  a copy of The Power of Peer Mentoring Toolkit booklet and a certificate.

Payment options are credit card or by invoice.

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